Hello, Boston.


For all biotechnology enthusiasts, Boston is the global mecca for observation, learning and the model biotech supercluster.

Within 24 hours of landing in Boston, one has managed to:

1) Meet with global health guru

2) Attend public Innovations in International Health Talk @ MIT Museum and learn about a microclinic nurse franchise in Ghana.  It’s all about the SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL – how to sustain healthcare delivery in rural developing communities and the best ways to incentivize and integrate training components so that good academic ideas are not shelved/lost in the product development cycle, but is actually translated onto the field.

3) Attend Harvard Business School lecture on “Entrepreneurship Manager” where the case dissected focused on the ideal sales strategy with how to pick the right CEO to LEAD. And best part – after the hour long discussion, the REAL CEO is in attendance and willing to do a live Q&A to discuss what really happened at that time… Amazing.

4)  Visited Highland Capital Partners – and learned what it takes to move from a scientist/MD/research role into business fields of the VC landscape. Who knew VCs consider themselves as an expert/franchise role. VC returns are touted by the media to be an astounding 27% in the last decade.. but the median return is -9% – the big winners (Apple, Google, Genentech) really WIN.. but what about everyone else? Which VCs can really be visionaries and predict the 5-7 year future NOW? But admittedly, if you’re job description is to visualize the future – and the incredible opportunities and possibilities, it must kind of fun making those bets – you’re really creating THE market out there. Like most professional services, it helps to be at the top of your game – then the ideas (entrepreneurs) come to YOU. You’re the top go-to guy, you’re it – and of course you get first dibs on all the great ideas.

5) And of course, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on a beautiful Boston day. Green beer fun (green agricultural biotech! woot).

How can you not love Boston? 😉


All in a day's work - in Boston

All in a day's work - in Boston


One Response to “Hello, Boston.”

  1. That’s one heck of a busy day – and very interesting insight! Thanks!

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