This is an introduction to GAVI (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) – launched in 2000 as a global partnership in health.

Traditionally, vaccine research and development resources allocated to developing countries have been low. Pharmaceutical companies know R&D is expensive, and at the end of the day, IF a successful vaccine is developed, immunization (being a public good) – who will pay for the product? Governments of developing countries strapped by poor healthcare infrastructure will not have the means to buy the vaccine nor find qualified personnel to administer use.  Infant mortality would continue to be high, overall health outcomes be poor, and perpetuate cycle of poverty.

Here is where GAVI is breaking the vicious cycle.  By the end of of the period 2000-2008, more than 3.4 million premature deaths have been prevented through GAVI support. GAVI has received a total of USD $2.6B in direct funding from 13 governments and private sector funding. 

The alliance maximizes overall impact by targeting countries with greatest need. Countries with GNI < $1000 per capita are eligible to apply. Currently there are 72 eligible countries.

-GAVI aims for country-led infrastructure development

-GAVI aims to stimulate countries to boost immunization coverage by performance-based “reward” system where USD$20 supported for each additional child vaccinated with DTP 3 (diptheria-tetanus-pertussis) over and above national targets (does this vaguely sound like a coroprate bonus structure or what?)

 -GAVI is increasing vaccine supply (competition amongst many suppliers), reducing vaccine costs and promoting long-run sustainability while advancing development of new vaccines

GAVI’s arsenal of weapons include: substantial, predictable resources and the ability to negotiate long-term commitments, market creation for vaccines, accelerated development and introduction plans (ADIPs), support for country co-financing, large-scale monitoring and accountability


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