African Innovation Prize – Business Plan Competition Update


Wanted to follow up on this thread from Summer 2009. The African Innovation Prize has officially launched at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). It is no longer a “concept”, AIP has become reality! We are running a business plan competition (modelled after the great ones MIT 100k Challenge and Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and Enterprize Canada).

AIP will run in two phases. Phase I will award prizes for best “business idea” under 250 words and Phase II will award seed funding for best “business plan”.  We are now half-way through the open submission period March 1-31, 2010 which we are taking applications for Phase I. It’s exciting to see the submissions come through!

AIP Mission: to be an enabler of global entrepreneurship by encouraging university students to commercialize ideas and innovations

How: by creating a business plan competition for Rwandan University students to access seed funding and business mentorship

Values: integrity, passion, perserverance, creativity

Contact us:


2 Responses to “African Innovation Prize – Business Plan Competition Update”

  1. 1 DUSHIMIYIMANA Jean Baptiste

    I am a student at KIST and want to know when we will get the response for PHASE 2 about business plan competition.Our project is about DRY TOILET FOR ECOLOGICAL

  2. 2 biobuzz

    Dear Jean Baptiste,

    The AIP Phase II results have been posted on the general announcement KIST notice Board and will be posting the same information on KIST website.

    Thanks for your entry!

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