The Joys of Doing Something You Love


This post is a slight-break from global health.

But it is still centered on entrepreneurship… In my past week, I have come across one of my favourite kinds of entrepreneur: the hard-working baker.

Waking up at the crack of dawn each morning to bake delicious cakes, pastries and cupcakes for dozens, if not hundreds of strangers per day – and still have the grace to smile and chat to customers about their favourite flavours exemplify academically verified characteristics of entrepreneurship: perseverance, positive attitude, and constantly willing to adapt and innovate to customer tastes (no pun intended!).

Bakers of the world – I commend you!! (and I thank you for your kindness and the ability for you to improve any down-trodden, tough working day).


Vanilla Almond / Maple Frosting


I would like to highlight 4 independent baker/entrepreneurs in London and invite anyone for a try. The best part of asking bakers why they do what they do is because these 4 all gave the same answer: “Because I love it”.

Rebecca @ Daisy cakes in Cambridge Market

The red-velvet aussie man (as I refer to him) @

I can’t imagine having another job lady (as I refer to her) @

Classic Bea’s of Bloomsbury (this is a sit-down store) @

And for the “Red Velvet” one that started my love affair with cupcakes (this is +1 additional recommendation, but haven’t talked to the owners/bakers yet…) @


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