BRICS and Other Emerging Markets: Health Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Most Dynamic Economies


GBC Impact

JFL, NEW YORK CITY – I will be covering this year’s Global Business Coalition’s 10th year anniversary conference from New York City June 1-2, 2011 as a Global Health Ambassador (GHAs). Follow our team’s work on twitter @GBCNews.

One of the conference sessions focuses on companies from the innovative developing countries and the heavy hitters of the emerging markets: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These companies may not be household names, but I wanted to introduce them here to encourage discussion and be a primer before the session.

The panel will be moderated by Deloitte Consulting.

CapitalBio Corporation: a life sciences company headquartered in Beijing, China. It leads and commercializes innovative products for clinical diagnostics, food-safety testing and other life-science applications.

Avantha Group: is a $4 billion leading Indian business conglomerate with diverse business lines in 10 countries and 20,000 + employees. Avantha’s head of CSR will discuss partnerships to promote social development.

The Russian Managers Association – is a Russian NGO/business union that provides help to the Russian business community to integrate into the international economy and promotes dialogue between government and businesses and advocates for Russian businesses in Russia and abroad.

DNA Genotek – is a company that optimizes ease of collection of high-quality biological samples required for diagnostic testing.  DNA Genotek products are marketed worldwide and support thousands of customers as they achieve breakthroughs in genomic research, in diagnostics laboratories, in the pharmaceutical industry and in personal genomics.

Reading the brief background introductions of the speakers and company websites – am thinking the topic of partnerships will be up for discussion. International partnerships at home and abroad… Can developing countries build innovation systems for health? For further reading, this Science 2005 article illustrates the scientific and moral imperative for innovative developing countries to act (Morel, 2005).

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