A Simple Kind of Happiness


Looking back on my 2011 iCal calendar, I had logged way more “road days” than I originally thought.  Never moving very far from my home base, I still managed to log at least one flying-trip every month.  I visited four new countries in 2011 (Poland, India, Holland, Indonesia) and made a few return trips to some of my favourite places.  It was a mixture of work, volunteering and pleasure (a perfect mix, really).

I took what I thought was a couple of “mini-vacations” throughout the year, and combined 2011 annual leave holidays with attending weddings of friends (yes, it is that period of time in life).  But it really wasn’t until late December that I finally felt I was truly “on holiday”.  There is something truly magical about the December holiday period that time, deadlines, calls and emails just pause – even just –  for a moment.  In previous years, I had always taken Christmas time to travel, go somewhere new; but this year, I took the “visiting home” approach seriously. (or more accurately, I picked a city that made a family reunion more convenient).

For those who work abroad, don’t you always dread the last few days of the holiday season where you know you will have to go back to work? (The countdown: 3 days before I have to fly back, 2 days before… 1 day remaining). Perhaps thousands of miles away from family and the simple comforts and familiarity of home.  I know many friends who find the first few weeks of January hard to bear. For those who work in the finance industry and follow their hearts and paycheques to the streets (and desks) of New York City, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong – coming back in January of a new year is never quite the same.

I love what I do and I love where I live (to do what I do) – but I can’t deny that I absolutely enjoy the simple kind of happiness of having shelter, clothing and eating three meals a day with my favourite people in the world.  Family love is special. It is a simple love of waking up every morning knowing that you are welcome in this world.

Photo credit: A great photographer, Katarina on Flickr.

[Post inspired & written January 5, 2012. Posted after 12 hours on a plane, stuck in a middle seat January 11, 2012 – but it was a safe journey].


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