Social Venture Capital for Health… Three Years + On… (Mar 2009-Nov 2012)


This 2012 update on social venture capital and patient capital for global health is delayed. It has been a busy blogging year, but a short post now is better than never (or until the 4th year update!).

This follows from the original March ’09 post about “Gates Venture(s)” and the follow up Mach ’11 post with the announcement of the first Gates Foundation equity investment in March 2011. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions and debates about the previous posts and news updates, here are a few trending developments in 2012:

April 25, 2012: Another Financial Times OpEd piece by Alex Friedman, former CFO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and former CEO, Patty Stonesifer titled “Finance can fund a revolution in giving”. The article outlines the skills the banking industry can add to innovative finance for social good and contributes to the timely general surge of interest in impact investing.

April 19-20, 2012: The Cambridge Global Health Commercialization & Funding Roundtable was held at the University of Cambridge to bring together a cross-section of technology commercialization and financing experts together to discuss best practices in business models for global health and future ideas with students, academics, member state representatives and general public.

May 2012: At the annual United Nations World Health Assembly in Geneva, the report of the 2-year project of the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research & Development: Financing & Coordination was presented. It proposed a binding global instrument for R&D and innovation for health and exploratory open member state meetings are being continued Nov 26-28, 2012 to follow up on these recommendations.

May 2012: Mission Investors Exchange was launched as the culmination of the integration of PRI Makers Network and More For Mission.

October 2012: SOCAP 2012 was held in San Francisco featuring thought leadership and do’ers in impact investing with  many lessons learned from prior years.

Milken Institute – All year round discussions and conference on how financial innovations can solve social issues.

Pledge Guarantee for Health – hosted by the UN Foundation: a financial tool that borrows ideas on trade finance applied to the procurement of health commodities like anti-malaria bed nets, contraceptives and medicines, enabling short-term commercial credit for live-saving interventions obtained earlier.

The PhD doctoral work is almost coming to an end – and what a journey! I started 3 years ago because of this idea of social venture capital inspired by Daktari Dx in the first “Gates Venture(s)” post – and now so many developments have happened! Lots of things in the pipeline, more announcements coming soon I am sure – and I will be sure to cross-link the press releases on this blog!


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