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This 2012 update on social venture capital and patient capital for global health is delayed. It has been a busy blogging year, but a short post now is better than never (or until the 4th year update!). This follows from the original March ’09 post about “Gates Venture(s)” and the follow up Mach ’11 post […]

What is it about breaking bread with people over dinner that helps meeting new people transition from one of those potentially “awkward” moments to one of curiosity and genuine interest? The Vancouver for Acumen (now VANCOUVER+acumen) chapter has been hosting a series of Salons.  Salons are a time-honoured forum for discussion and exchange of ideas. […]

Published in Nature Biotechnology BioEntrepreneur on February 28, 2012. Read the original article here. In 1908 Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin developed the first tuberculosis vaccine. The BCG vaccine is routinely given to infants in many parts of the world today, and is inexpensive — between US 10 cents and 20 cents per dose.  However, it […]

Teaching Again


It has been six years since I have stood up and taught a class. Undertaking a PhD offers many opportunities to give presentations on your own research, engage in lively debate of current literature and become knowledgeable on a microcosm of your own passions. However, I have always found teaching a different creature. It is […]

Published in Nature Biotechnology BioEntrepreneur on February 1, 2012. Read the original article here. Bioentrepreneurs concentrate the majority of their time on science discovery and product development and little time considering their product delivery strategy.  Fortunately, in developed economies, once a therapeutic has achieved regulatory approval, the Ministries of Health, doctors, sales force networks and journal […]

Looking back on my 2011 iCal calendar, I had logged way more “road days” than I originally thought.  Never moving very far from my home base, I still managed to log at least one flying-trip every month.  I visited four new countries in 2011 (Poland, India, Holland, Indonesia) and made a few return trips to […]

Published in Forbes on October 4, 2011. Read the original article here Tucked away behind a concrete on-ramp to a highway and in between the technology industrial parks and automotive factories of the Indian city of Pune, lies a serene patch of grassland where a few horses are roaming free.  Upon closer inspection, the edges of […]

Fight Pneumonia. Save a Child. Today is world pneumonia day. Why designate such a day? Maybe it is because not many of us know that pneumococcal disease is the #1 vaccine-preventable cause of death in children under 5. The GAVI Alliance (formerly Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, introduced in a previous post) is currently rolling […]

Happy 10th Birthday Acumen Fund!!! Acumen Fund is a non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve the problems of global poverty. They started 10 years ago with a  mission to create a world beyond poverty. How you may ask? They have refined their business model to invest in social enterprises, emerging leaders and […]

I’ve been thinking about blogging about this subject for a long time, since when I first met Mary Lea, a grandmother on a volunteer trip 4 years ago this month. Coming out of university and writing the most difficult exam I had ever written in my life (UFE qualifying exam for Chartered Accountants in Canada […]